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Vibemetrics was used to increase transparency at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment adopted Vibemetrics in September in order to receive up-to-date information about their employee experiences during a transition in which they restructured their premises. After using it for two months, experiences about the service were collected from the staff and managers in a survey, in which 40 percent of the users participated.

Using the service was easy

During the measurement period the personnel generated around 1300 signals (vibes, comments, reactions, and impacts) using Vibemetrics, and the service was used by 87 percent of the target workforce.

”Vibemetrics is a functional way of measuring how employees are feeling, especially in transitions like this.” –anonymous user

90 percent of managers agree that Vibemetrics increased transparency in the work community. The staff also appreciated that it was possible to share opinions and suggestions anonymously through the service.

“Our core competence is engaging people and eliciting experiences from users. These experiences cannot be collected via surveys, because they are felt in the moment. Each moment has an emotion attached to it”, explains Vibemetrics CEO Mikko Ruokojoki.

Mikko Ruokojoki

Vibemetrics CEO Mikko Ruokojoki

Slush cares how their employees are feeling

Slush 2017 is just around the corner! There are a large number of motivated people behind Slush, which has grown to be one of the world’s top startup and technology events. There are 1000-2000 volunteers involved every year who make the event possible. To the general public, Slush appears to take place over a couple of days. Behind the scenes though, it is a long-term project which is started well in advance.

Slush volunteers

© Otto Jahnukainen

Employees’ feelings will certainly vary in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. This time, Slush wanted to try a new kind of continuous support service for their volunteers, who were given access to Vibemetrics, which has been used to measure the employees’ feelings since September. The introduction of Vibemetrics sends a message from Slush to the volunteers: We care about how you feel.

Näyttökuva 2017-11-28 kello 13.34.02


Slush lives in the moment, and so does Vibemetrics. We wish the best of luck to all Slush employees for the final push! You can find our team on Friday 1.12. at booth A26. See you soon!

Meet Vibemetrics at SLUSH 2017!


Once again we are attending to Europe’s leading startup event: SLUSH 2017 in Messukeskus, Helsinki. Meet us at booth A26 on Friday December 1st!


In 2016, over 2,300 startups, 1,100 venture capitalists, and 600 journalists from over 120 countries came to Slush to drive business, and to experience the phenomenal atmosphere.

Come and get some good vibes! See you soon @SLUSH17!

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment measures real-time employee experiences in workplace transition

Vibemetrics + Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland

The entire staff of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment will move to the same address. This transition affects about half of the employees. A new workplace brings many changes to everyday work, so it’s important to respond quickly to new demands.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment serves as a pioneer in using real-time feedback.

“We want to make sure that every employee is able to influence decisions and express the challenges of everyday life.”, says HR Manager Mari Anttikoski.

Vibemetrics is a unique service where employees can anonymously tell how they feel and why. It is always involved in everyday work and helps you understand what happens in different groups of the organisation. Everyone sees each other’s anonymous comments, can react to them, and add impacts. The service creates transparency and increases the organisation’s ability to quickly respond to changes.

“Continuously listening to employees and being responsive will improve the organisation’s performance and human well-being,” says Mikko Ruokojoki, Managing Director of Vibemetrics.

Vibemetrics attending Work goes Happy event 9.3.2017

We are attending Work goes happy -event in Wanha satama, Helsinki.

Work goes happy (WGH) is a wellbeing concept that creates ideas, opens pathways to wellbeing and labor market information both for experts, working communities and cooperation partners. WGH produces factual, but entertaining and memorable experiences and events, adding also elements of entertainment.



Vibemetrics at Slush booth A16

Finally, Slush 2016 is here! Come check us out Wednesday on the booth number A16.



See you at SLUSH 2016!

Once again we are attending to Europe’s leading startup event: SLUSH 2016 in Messukeskus, Helsinki. Meet us at booth A16 on Wednesday November 30st and on Thursday December 1st you can find us at booth A46!


Vibemetrics team at Slush 2015 (© Teemu Granström)

Slush connects startups and tech talent with top-tier international investors, executives, and media. In 2015, Slush brought together 15,000 attendees from a hundred countries for the two-day event in Helsinki.


Meet us at booth A16 on Wednesday November 30st!


Meet us at booth A46 on Thursday December 1st!

Come and get some good vibes! See you soon @SLUSH!