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Vibemetrics was used to increase transparency at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment adopted Vibemetrics in September in order to receive up-to-date information about their employee experiences during a transition in which they restructured their premises. After using it for two months, experiences about the service were collected from the staff and managers in a survey, in which 40 percent of the users participated.

Using the service was easy

During the measurement period the personnel generated around 1300 signals (vibes, comments, reactions, and impacts) using Vibemetrics, and the service was used by 87 percent of the target workforce.

”Vibemetrics is a functional way of measuring how employees are feeling, especially in transitions like this.” –anonymous user

90 percent of managers agree that Vibemetrics increased transparency in the work community. The staff also appreciated that it was possible to share opinions and suggestions anonymously through the service.

“Our core competence is engaging people and eliciting experiences from users. These experiences cannot be collected via surveys, because they are felt in the moment. Each moment has an emotion attached to it”, explains Vibemetrics CEO Mikko Ruokojoki.

Mikko Ruokojoki

Vibemetrics CEO Mikko Ruokojoki