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HR Technologies to Watch – Q3, 2016

Vibemetrics got introduced in article “HR Technologies to Watch – Q3, 2016”, check it out!


Cooperation with ActiveInspire

Vibemetrics partner ActiveInspire is specialised in listening to organisations in order to prepare and execute strategy or transformation. Analysing strategy is a multi-step process which provides management with the information they need to make better decisions. Tracking emotions is a great continuous tools for strategy planning.

Vibemetrics and ActiveInspire have begun cooperation. Both Vibemetrics and ActiveInspire emphasise  open feedback and tracking emotions in organisations.

Vibemetrics is an excellent addition to ActiveInspire’s process, which uses a in-depth web-based tool to anonymously collect unfiltered and open feedback. After the collection the management’s views are combined with the collected data, resulting in an agile transformation programme. While implementing the changes it is absolutely critical to monitor the success and dynamically adjust the programme based on feedback – Vibemetrics is an excellent fit for this, as it combines both emotion and textual feedback.

”We are confident that bringing these two processes and tools together, the organisational transformation becomes quicker and easier”, say ActiveInspire CEO Hanna-Mari Tuovinen and Vibemetrics CEO Mikko Ruokojoki.

Emotion and pulse tracking at Executive MBA-training program

Tracking emotions is an excellent way to support education. A good example is University of Jyväskylä’s Executive MBA-training program. They are using Vibemetrics to monitor emotions and progress during the whole program, in real time.

”I especially like that we can direct content and react to participant feedback quickly, even during the day. This is something that isn’t possible by collecting feedback afterwards”

– Menestyksen Strategiat -program leader, Sirpa Koponen, University of Jyväskylä

University of Jyväskylä’s Executive MBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) is an internationally accredited, high-class traning program aimed at experienced executives and experts, in which we move towards an era of agility in self-improvement. Clipwise and Vibemetrics provide a technological solution, which better enables professional development and measurement of effectiveness for the participants of the EMBA-program, and thus improves their market value.The self-knowledge of the participants grows and during the program we can track their professional development and react to critical events, such as choosing a subject and scoping the development projects done as part of the program.


Feedback is traditionally collected at the end of a program, where participants are asked whether they were satisfied with the content. Now we can easily track emotions throughout the program. With Vibemetrics, giving feedback is quick, easy and continuous. Everyone can also provide textual comments that are visible to all participants.

Most important qualities of Vibemetrics in EMBA-training:

  • Gives instant information of students’ views on the wanted subject.
  • Shows if the students are happy in real time.
  • Allows you to react immediately, if for instance the mood is worsening.
  • Brings openness by allowing students to see what others are feeling and thinking.

For more information, read the original article by Jukka Ala-Mutka (in Finnish).

Meet our Vibemetrics team!


From the left: Annamaria, Markus, Mikko and Ilkka

Our Vibemetrics team includes experts from many different fields. We decide our work methods ourselves. We feel it is vitally important that everyone is proud of the work they do. Everyone can decide when and where they work, as long as work gets done. We want to work using the Lean philosophy, put emphasis on experimentation and have a great vibe. And we can talk about emotions 🙂

Mikko Ruokojoki

CEO, founder. In IT-business for 18 years. I believe that work habits are changing. A successful company needs to have the smartest people working in new ways.

Markus Ahonen

CTO, partner. The master mobile guy. In IT-business for 10 years.

Ilkka Elovainio

Developer, student at Aalto University.

Annamaria Pelardis

Graphic Designer. Student at Omnia vocational school.

Find Vibemetrics at SLUSH 2015!

Vibemetrics is attending to Slush-event 11.-12.11.2015 in Messukeskus Helsinki. You can find us on Thursday at the stand A16.

Finnish Slush has grown from a 300-person event to become one of the leading events of its kind in the world. In November the whole world gets together in Helsinki: 15 000 attendees are arriving to Slush, nearly from 100 different countries.

Among the 3000 startups there will be the worlds most successful technology company leaders, investors and many respected media journalists, and of course Vibemetrics!

Welcome to talk with us!


Our Vibemetrics team: Mikko, Markus, Ile and Ansu


Slush 2014

Emotion tracking captivates workplaces

Vibemetrics is a service for tracking emotions in real time. It is currently in use in 11 organisations in Finland, with over 1450 daily users in total.

With Vibemetrics your employees can share their mood, open discussions, and most of all influence their own work. As a results you have a motivated workforce, a superpower, taking your organisation to the next level.
The service is simple: Employees choose one of three choices, reflecting their current mood. They can then provide an optional comment, elaborating their mood. The chosen mood and comment are anonymously visible to the whole staff in a real time vibe stream.
Read how Palmia benefits from Vibemetrics

Corridor conversations moved online

Catering, phone and well-being service provider Palmia State Enterprise  started using Vibemetrics in June 2015. One goal was to increase openness and therefore the affect the well-being of the employees. Openness has paid off, although at first it caused some bewilderment.

Helsinki city owned Palmia uses Vibemetrics for the fourth month. Phone and well-being services department’s 130 employees can see Vibemetrics as soon as they log in to their computers. Department head Riikka Karvinen sees Vibemetrics as a tool which can increase the well-being of the employees.

We were searching for development strategies for issues that arose in the Kunta10-study. Our designer found Vibemetrics on the internet, said Karvinen.

In Vibemetrics employees can anonymously share their current vibe and comment it. They can also highlight the importance of comments made by others. Palmia sees Vibemetrics as one messaging channel for the employees. Vibemetrics allows everyone to freely share their thoughts, which are relayed to their peers as well as the management.

In Vibemetrics everyone can see the results in real time. At Palmia the results – vibes from current and last week, and the latest comments – are also displayed on a monitor in the lobby. The lobby display has caused some mixed feelings, as the results are also visible to visitors. Someone has even asked to remove the results from the monitor, but Karvinen has stood firm on the idea of openness.

If someone comments on Vibemetrics complaining about noise, it’s just normal life. I don’t want us have any sort of shush-culture.

One of the goals of Vibemetrics is to get corridor conversations, rumors, and misinformation quickly to the attention of the managers. According to Karvinen, responding quickly improves the work environment, having less false information going around the workplace.

The employees determine the usage

According to Karvinen, adopting the service was extremely easy. From the first meeting to having Vibemetrics up and running took just over a week. At Palmia, Vibemetrics opens up in the browser window after logging in to a workstation.

Technically the adoption process was easy. Vibemetrics is so user friendly and our users are used to social media, it required no instructions or training, says Karvinen.

People adhere to the ethical rules of Palmia when using Vibemetrics. The service has received praise from the human resources committee, which includes workplace stewards and organisational representatives. Karvinen encourages others who are considering Vibemetrics, summing it up with: “Just try it out, it’s very easy to adopt. You just have to have courage and show people modern leadership. With Vibemetrics you have more of an idea what goes on in a department than for example via development discussions”.